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Various Artists
Somethings Burning In Paradise
on Subtle
Another Sunny Day - I Want You
The Benjamins - The Way Things Are
Buy Off The Bar - There's No Fridge On The Bristol Bridge
The Candy Darlings - Southern Line
The Driscolls - Groovy Little Town
Emil - Raining In My Heart
Emily - Really Madd Dogs
Girl Of My Best Friend - Throwaway Girl
James Dean Driving Experience - Drop Dead Darling
The Librarians - Irene Handl Knew My Postman
The Mayfields - Season's Pass
The McTells - This Afternoon
Mousefolk - Grannies Cake Crises
Pilgrims - Chemically Yours
The Purple Tulips - Not Fair
Remember Fun - Cold Inside
The Ruth Ellis Swing Band - I Would Have Saved You
St.Christopher - To The Mountain
Slob - Mister Ugly
Thrilled Skinny - Love Rut
The Wilderness Children - 15 Minutes Fame
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