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The Ruth Ellis Swing Band
Philip created The Ruth Ellis Swing Band after leaving the James Dean Driving Experience. Along with Dean Tyler and Paul Harding they recorded several songs, two of which appeard on the Smashing Time flexi disc.

'I Would Have Saved You Marilyn' was released on Dean Tylers 'Something's Burning In Paradise' cassette and was recorded in Sheffield by Philip and One Thousand Violins guitarist Colin Gregory.

During his time in James Dean Driving Experience, Philip also recorded as the artist 'Slob' with Dave Hopkin also from JDDE. The song 'Mister Ugly' also appeared on the 'Something's Burning' cassette. The track was later slowed down and became 'Song To A Stranger' which was released as the b-side to the 'Deans Eleventh Dream' JDDE single. Philip (now known as Fil) is now in the band Fuzzcutter.


Dec-2009: The Ruth Ellis Swing Band have just released a new single and album to celebrate 21 years since their first release. The single 'Like My Heart Still Shines' is available from all download sites as is the album 'Swinging In The Rain' which is also available on CD from their MySpace site.

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The Antichrist Of Love & Hatred (FLX) 1989
on Smashing Time
On compilations:
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- I Would Have Saved You
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