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The indiepop reference and portal site

This is TweeNet, home of classic and current Indie Pop music and the reference-site for the 'Indiepop mailing list'. First time here? Read the introduction
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I started this site in the summer of 1994 and have since moved on a bit. Music is not as important in my life as it used to be.
Do don't expect much new content here unless someone wants to contribute.
I plan to keep this site running for the foreseeable future.

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Jenny on the Planet (Cloudberry @21-Mar-2022)
Wolf Cries Boy (Cloudberry @18-Mar-2022)
Frederick (Cloudberry @16-Mar-2022)
Fountains (Cloudberry @14-Mar-2022)
Bitter Herb (Cloudberry @11-Mar-2022)
Lewsberg - In Your Hands (Did Not Chart @10-Mar-2022)
Beachheads II (Did Not Chart @9-Mar-2022)
Somerset Club Boy (Cloudberry @9-Mar-2022)
Flirt (Cloudberry @7-Mar-2022)
Doe St (Did Not Chart @4-Mar-2022)
Forest Stroll (Cloudberry @3-Mar-2022)
Plasterscene Replicas (Cloudberry @1-Mar-2022)
Faith Over Reason (Cloudberry @25-Feb-2022)
The Boy Hairdressers (Cloudberry @24-Feb-2022)
Denver (Cloudberry @22-Feb-2022)
Spinning Belinda (Cloudberry @17-Feb-2022)
Going Red (Cloudberry @15-Feb-2022)
Elephant Noise (Neil Barber) (Cloudberry @14-Feb-2022)
The Hummingbirds (Cloudberry @11-Feb-2022)
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