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Free downloadable songs
Below is a list of indiepop songs that are downloadable for free.
TweeNet doesn't host any of the files and we are not responsible for ensuring that these files are legal downloads. Many of these links are taken from MP3 blogs, have a look at them at the Indiepop directory because they have usually additional information about the songs or bands.

Painting By Numbers - Lied für Werner Enke
Tynal Tywyll - Telyn Wedi Torri
Pure Morning - Louder
Great new song from the Mexican 'Pains Of Being Pure At Heart'
Pocketbooks - Promises, Promises
A free download single from the forthcoming Pocketbooks album 'Carousel'
three freely downloadable EPs from artists in the British midlands
Northern Portrait - Crazy
Great song from this Danish band
Found this later, but not too late
Sounds a bit dated to me now, but some of the songs are still great
Billie The Vision And The Dancers - My Love
more downloads at
Celestial - Dream On
Title song from their debut full-length
The Triangles - I've Had Eyes For You
A band I discovered in Melbourne, great songs.
The Triangles - The Apple Of His Eye
Actually a video of their unofficial world cup song.
Strawberry Switchblade - Lots of songs
A whole bunch of Radio sessions and unrelease songs.
Motorcycle Boy - 1987 Peel Session
Labrador Records - Sound Library
Lots downloads for all the great Labrador bands
Sally Shapiro - Anorak Christmas
Cover of a Nixon song.
The Parachute Men - Leeds Station
The Ups And Downs - The Living Kind
Kate from Fosca and friends with a great MP3 single
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