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(Canada) Toronto, Ontario
Alvvays (pronounced 'always') are a Canadian Indie Pop band who formed in 2011, currently based in Toronto, Ontario. Consisting of members Molly Rankin (singer and guitarist), Kerri MacLellan (keys), Alec O'Hanley (guitar), Abbey Blackwell (bass) and Sheridan Riley (drums). They are currently signed to Polyvinyl Records. They are described as a jangle pop band with shoegaze influences, however Molly Rankin herself has mentioned having a wide range of musical influences that shine through in the band including The Magnetic Fields, Teenage Fanclub, Dolly Mixture, The Smiths, Celine Dion, The Primitives, Pavement and Oasis. Celtic folk music also has a minor influence on Rankin's singing and writing style from growing up performing it.

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Alvvays (LP+CD+K7) 22-Jul-2014 - More details
on Polyvinyl Records
- Adult Diversion
- Archie, Marry Me
- Ones Who Love You
- Next Of Kin
- Party Police
- The Agency Group
- Dives
- Atop A Cake
- Red Planet
Antisocialites (CD+LP+K7) September 8, 2017 - More details
on PRC-334
and TRANS306X
and PCD-22402
and RMR-064
and PODCD0834
- In Undertow
- Dreams Tonite
- Plimsol Punks
- Your Type
- Not My Baby
- Hey
- Lollipop (Ode to Jim)
- Already Gone
- Saved by a Waif
- Forget About Life
Blue Rev (CD+LP+K7) October 7, 2022 - More details
on TRANS642X
and PLP-7890
and PRC-465
and TRANS642XX
and ALV003
- Pharmacist
- Easy On Your Own?
- After The Earthquake
- Tom Verlaine
- Pressed
- Very Online Guy
- Velveteen
- Tile By Tile
- Pomeranian Spinster
- Belinda Says
- Bored In Bristol
- Lottery Noises
- Fourth Figure
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