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Songs by Alvvays
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Adult Diversion Alvvays (LP+CD+K7)
After The Earthquake Blue Rev (CD+LP+K7)
Already Gone Antisocialites (CD+LP+K7)
Archie, Marry Me Alvvays (LP+CD+K7)
Atop A Cake Alvvays (LP+CD+K7)
Belinda Says Blue Rev (CD+LP+K7)
Bored In Bristol Blue Rev (CD+LP+K7)
Dives Alvvays (LP+CD+K7)
Dreams Tonite Antisocialites (CD+LP+K7)
Easy On Your Own? Blue Rev (CD+LP+K7)
Forget About Life Antisocialites (CD+LP+K7)
Fourth Figure Blue Rev (CD+LP+K7)
Hey Antisocialites (CD+LP+K7)
In Undertow Antisocialites (CD+LP+K7)
Lollipop (Ode to Jim) Antisocialites (CD+LP+K7)
Lottery Noises Blue Rev (CD+LP+K7)
Next Of Kin Alvvays (LP+CD+K7)
Not My Baby Antisocialites (CD+LP+K7)
Ones Who Love You Alvvays (LP+CD+K7)
Party Police Alvvays (LP+CD+K7)
Pharmacist Blue Rev (CD+LP+K7)
Plimsol Punks Antisocialites (CD+LP+K7)
Pomeranian Spinster Blue Rev (CD+LP+K7)
Pressed Blue Rev (CD+LP+K7)
Red Planet Alvvays (LP+CD+K7)
Saved by a Waif Antisocialites (CD+LP+K7)
The Agency Group Alvvays (LP+CD+K7)
Tile By Tile Blue Rev (CD+LP+K7)
Tom Verlaine Blue Rev (CD+LP+K7)
Velveteen Blue Rev (CD+LP+K7)
Very Online Guy Blue Rev (CD+LP+K7)
Your Type Antisocialites (CD+LP+K7)
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