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Lovejoy - Songs in The Key Of Lovejoy
Brighton, England's Lovejoy follow their excellent debut single A Taste of the High Life with a 10-song masterpiece called Songs In The Key of Lovejoy. Lead vocalist and guitarist Richard Preece (ex-Spinning Wheels; current collaborator in Beaumont and the Snowbound International Pop Club) delivers masterful vocals not unlike a more indiepop Adorable. Contributing to the new expanded lineup is Ally Board on angelic female vocals, Blueboy/Beaumont mainmen Keith Girdler and Paul Stewart on backing vocals and guitar, and Rich Haines on production wizardry. With brilliant use of keyboards, percussion, and vocal harmonies, the band's debut long-player is an essential soundtrack for the now generation and perfect for fans of Biff Bang Pow!, House of Love, the Wake, Razorcuts or Blueboy.

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Published: 17 September 2000 Author: Matinée Recordings
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