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Cessna - The Loves, Longings and Regrets of Cessna
En fin! Finnish soft pop collective Cessna return from existential holidays with a set of seven postcards. Of loves, longings and regrets - to be sure - but replete with grass stains, moonlight, shifting seasons and meteor showers crisscrossing soundtracks for speeding down the coast of Crete on stolen scooters.

While jazzy chords and rambling bass lines reminiscent of the Wake or the Field Mice are still at the heart of the songs, Cessna's latest outing has vintage organs and analog synths gaining momentum over previous releases. Together with some nice new trumpet work and bittersweet harmonium atmospherics. And a cliffhanger defiantly cheerful rain-soaked electronics.

For fans of erratic jet-set pop, Holiday, The Monochrome Set, Belle & Sebastian, Cloudberry Jam, Super, Cinnamon, and wind-tousled hair.

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Published: 29 February 2000 Author: Alexander Bailey
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