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Simpático - Club Life EP
Five of the strongest songs to date from jet-setting Australian Jason Sweeney and the first new Simpático material since the acclaimed "Difference Between Alone & Lonely" album last year. Since then, Simpático has played numerous dates throughout the US and Australia and assembled an abundant arsenal of positive press including comparisons to Magnetic Fields, Red House Painters, The Wake, Famous Boyfriend, and Trembling Blue Stars. The most upbeat song penned by Jason since the days of Sweet William, "Club Life" boasts a hypnotic rhythm track that makes it thoroughly modern and a potential dancefloor filler if we lived in a more tolerable universe. The balance of the EP further hones the characteristic Simpático recipe of atmospheric pop blending layered, swirling guitars with keyboards, heaps of reverb, exceptional songwriting and warm, emotional vocals. (matinée 044, 5-track CDEP)

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Published: 17 March 2003 Author: Matinée Recordings
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