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Free Loan Investments - Ever Been To Mexico? CDEP
Stockholm's Free Loan Investments make their Shelflife debut with their new cdep/10" "Ever Been to Mexico?." The group, originally formed by Roger and Amanda back in 2000, has released a series of three 7" singles. This release showcases their more dynamic live sound, courtesy of two newer members, Christer (The Shermans, Aerospace) and Jesper (Mobile Unit Seven) who fill in the rhythm section.

"Ever Been to Mexico?" features six tracks full of jangly guitars, fizzing distortion, and blazing fast melodies -- all grounded by Amanda's vocals. With a nod towards U.K. guitar pop (Talulah Gosh and Shop Assistants) and 80s post-punk (Au Pairs and Dolly Mixture), FLI's songs have just the right amount of classic style and sensibility, while still retaining a modern and fresh sound.

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Published: 11 September 2002 Author: Shelflife Records
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