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Indiepop T-Shirts
Here are photos of my indiepop T-shirts, I haven't worn most of them for a long time and some are in a pretty bad shape.
To be honest they may never been in a good shape. Many of the shirts were really low quality and often kind of boring too.
Oh yes, I do NOT sell any of these shirts.

5 Freunde 'Superman' design

50.000.000 Elvis Fans, handmade

A Turntable Friend

A Turntable Friend back

Anorak Fanzine

Bob, mis-print


Clarendon Records

Die Blinzelbeeren

Die Moosblueten

Fast Forward Label Indonesia

Four Letter Words fanzine

Grimsby Fishmarket Fanzine

Handmade 5 Freunde

Handmade 5 Freunde

Handmade 5 Freunde

Handmade 5 Freunde back

Heavenly big butterfly

Heavenly butterflies in blue

Heavenly butterflies in red

Heavenly butterflies in yellow

Heavenly, K-Label

Heavenly, She Says


Jesse Garon And The Desperadoes, Cabinet of curiousities

Jesse Garon And The Desperadoes, Grand Hotel

K-Label, back of Heavenly

McCarthy rave shirt



One Thousand Violins

Popfest 97 in Boston

Popfest 97 in Boston, back

Popfest 97 in Chicago

Popfest 97 in Los Angeles

Popfest 97 in Los Angeles, back

Popfest 98 in Florida

Popfest 98 in Florida, back

Popfest New Englang 2006

Popfest New York 1997

Popfest New York 1997 back

Popfest New York 2007

Popfest New York 2007 back

Radio Bremen Vier

Radio Bremen Vier back

Red Letter Day

Ruth's Refrigerator

Sarah Festival in Switzerland

Sarah Festival in Switzerland, back

Sarah Records cherries

Secret Shine

Siesta Records

Slumberland Records

Small Factory

St. Christopher

The Anyways

The Bedflowers

The Brilliant Corners

The Brilliant Corners - Somebody up there likes me

The Bus Stop Label

The famous Cool As F**k shirt

The Fat Tulips

The Field Mice Emma's House insert

The Field Mice, Missing the Moon

The Field Mice, Snowball

The Legendary Bang

The Legendary Jim Ruiz Group

The Man From Delmonte

The Orchids - Black

The Orchids - White

The Orchids - Yellow

The Pastels

The Pop Club at the Bull and Gate in Kentish Town, London

The Popguns

The Rileys

The Siddeleys

The Smiths, lollipop

The Smiths, Panic

The Smiths, Sheila take a bow

The Sweetest Ache

The Wake

The Wedding Present, comic

The Wedding Present, George Best

The Wedding Present, Ukrainski

The Wonderstuff

The Wonderstuff

The Wonderstuff

They Go Boom

Tiger Trap

Tiger Trap back

TweeFest 1995 New York

TweeFest 1995 New York, back

TweeFest 1996 Washington D.C.

TweeFest 1996 Washington D.C. back

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