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Various Artists
Just Another... Compilation
on Flippin Ace Recording Co.
The Ammonites - Stupid
The Colour Scene - She Salute Of The Juggler
The Cudgels - Motorbike
The Dentists - Cling
Fat Tulips - As Long As You Need Me
The Gravy Train - Watch The Rain
The Groove Farm - Corrupt (live)
The Hoverchairs - Heaven She Said
Moose Jaws - What She Wants
Panda Pops - Pillar Box
The Pop Stars - Anne Robinson
The Rosslyns - I Can Feel My Life Slipping Away
The Sainsburys - My Favourite Colour
Sedgwicks - Acid (I Love You)
The Sheriffs Of Mecca - Doors Of This Cafe
The Spinning Jennys - Early Closing Day
Strawberry Story - Roses
The Thin Men - Waiter! There's A Giraffe In My Soup
Vicarage Garden - Slapped Happy
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