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Various Artists
Corrupt Postman
on Windmill Records
The Apple Moths - Everything
The Applicants - Crush
The Bollweevils - Turn Your Head
The Candy Darlings - Station On A Bridge
The Colgates - Depth Of Love
The Driscolls - Circles
The Eclairs - Switzerland
Emil - Edwin Blaze
Emily - Purist
Fat Tulips - Independance Day
The Felicitys - Irresistable
Feverfew - Crisom Gloom
The Field Mice - I Wish I Meant More To You
The Haywains - Shine
Dave Hulston - Julie
Killing Time - Perishing Flowers
Mousefolk - End Of The World
Nine Steps To Ugly - Vaudeville
Paintbox - Who's Got The Money
Remember Fun - Clearly Blurred
St.Christopher - The Summer Of Love
Sedgwicks - Why Now Girl
Spin Out - Put Your Face To The Ground
Steamtown - Living & Loving
Strawberry Story - This Time Baby
Thrilled Skinny - High Street Conspiracy
The Wildhouse - Paint The Whole Day Red
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