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78 Records

Perth, Western Australia (2007)
Adult Crash

East Village, New York City (1990s)
Amoeba Music

Berkeley, San Francisco California (early 2000s)
The biggest 'indie' record store in the world
Apple Crumble Records

Tokyo, Japan (2003)
Small but beautiful
Avalanche Records

Edinburgh, Scotland (2000s)
Avalanche Records

Edinburgh, Scotland (2000s)

Northern England ()

Bremen, Germany (1980s)
Mainstream local shop where I started buying records in the early 1980s

Croyden, South of London, UK (1998)
Huge second hand place half an hour south of London

East Croydon, South of London (early 2000s)
Beggars Banquet Records

South West London (2000s)

Gothenburg, Sweden (1998)

Northern Germany (1980s)
Brinkmann (old)

Northern Germany (1980s)
Cellophane Square

Boston, US (1990s)
Coconuts Disk

Tokyo, Japan (2003)
Danelion's Badstue Rock

Arhus, Denmark (2000s)
Del Sur

Madrid, Spain (2000)
Del Sur

Madrid, Spain (2000)
Die Schallplatte

Bremen, Germany (1980s)
Discos Juando

Barcelona, Spain (2013)
Discos La Metralleta

Madrid, Spain (2000)
Disk Union

Japan (2003)
Really good 2nd Hand chain in Tokyo and Yokohama
diverse music

Newport, Gwent, Wales, UK (Early 1990s)

Lund, Southern Sweden (1998)
Ear Schallplatten

Bremen, Germany (1990s)
Easy Street Records

Seattle US (2007)

Fukuoka, Japan (2000s)
Elefant Records

Madrid, Spain (2000s)

France, Spain (2000)

UK (1992)
Not really a shop bag, but I guess it came with the record
Heta Vax

Helsingborg, Sweden (Mid-1990s)
HMV 1980s

UK (1980s)

All over the UK (2000s)
Hot Shot Records

Bremen, Germany (1990s)
In Your Ear

Boston and Providence (1990s)

West London, UK (2000s)
Jet Set

Kyoto and Kobe Japan (2003)

unknown (?)
Kinokuniya US

US West Coast (2000)
I found some cool Japanese CDs there
Licorice Pie Records

Melbourne Australia (2007)
Music And Video Exchange

London, UK (1990s)
They used to be on every corner in Nothing Hill, still good for bargains.

Uppsala, Sweden (1998)
Newbury Comics

Boston, US (1990s)
Park Ave

Winter Park, Florida (1998)
Nice store somewhere near Orlando.
Plastic Wax Records

Bristol, England (1990s)
Polyester Records

Melbourne Australia (2007)
Home of Candle Records
Rainbow Music

Solna, Sweden (1998)
Real Groovy

Main cities in New Zealand (2007)
The record shop in New Zealand
Reckless Records

London, UK (2000s)
Reckless Records

Central and North London, UK (2000s)
Reckless Records Chicago

Chicago, US (2001)

Tokyo, Japan (2003)
Another great 2nd hand chain in Tokyo
Record Hunter

Stockholm, Sweden (1998)
Revolver Records Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain (2013)

North London, UK (1990s)
Sadly gone
Rock Records

Chicago (2001)
Rock Shop

Tokyo, Japan (2003)
Rough Trade 1990s

London, UK (1990s)
Rough Trade London

London, UK (early 2000s)
Rough Trade, 3 Countries

London, Paris, Tokyo (1990s)
Saturn Hansa

Germany (1980s)
German chain with a good selection in the late 1980s.

Nottingham and London, UK (1990s)
Shakedown Records

North London, UK (1990s)
Sister Ray

Central London (1990s)
Skiv City

Stockholm, Sweden (1998)

Stockholm, Sweden (1998)
Steve's Sounds

Soho, London, UK (1990s)
Syft Records

Osaka, Japan (2003)
The Sound Machine

Reading, UK (1990s)
Time Bomb Records

Osaka, Japan (2003)
Tower Records Japan

Japan (2003)
Tower Records London

London, UK (1980s)
Tower Records Philippines

Manila, Philippines (2006)
Tower Records UK

UK (1990s)
Vinyl Exchange

Manchester, UK (2000s)
Vinyl Japan Shop

Tokyo, Japan (2003)
4 shops in Shinjuku, only one of them for indiepop.
Vinyl Solution

West London, UK (1980s)
renamed to Intoxica
Vip Events Record Fairs

UK (1990s)
Virgin Megastore 1980s

London, UK (1980s)
Virgin Megastore 2000s

All over the UK (2000s)

Germany (1980s)
Fantastic chain in Germany in the 1980s
Yellow Pop

Tokyo, Japan (2003)
Yunke Discos

Madrid, Spain (2000)

Tokyo, Japan (2003)
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