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Songs by The Silent Boys
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A Trip to the Country Wishing Well Eyes (CD)
AM Radio Beauty Tips (CD)
Another Lifeless Soul Beauty Tips (CD)
Audrey Hepburn's Beauty Tips Beauty Tips (CD)
Christmas Day Is Here Wishing Well Eyes (CD)
Chutes & Ladders One Step Closer (CD)
Crazy Rhythms Wishing Well Eyes (CD)
Johnny Is Cool! Wishing Well Eyes (CD)
Love Struck One Step Closer (CD)
Love Will Keep Us Together (I.C. Was Here) One Step Closer (CD)
Mind Your Manners Wishing Well Eyes (CD)
Neil Young Beauty Tips (CD)
Never Fall in Love Again Wishing Well Eyes (CD)
Northern Star One Step Closer (CD)
November Woods Wishing Well Eyes (CD)
Over The Rainbow One Step Closer (CD)
Over The Rainbow (Instrumental) One Step Closer (CD)
Saturday Seven Summers (CD comp. )
Shades Of Blue Beauty Tips (CD)
Shaken & Stirred One Step Closer (CD)
Silver Lining Wishing Well Eyes (CD)
Sleepy Head Wishing Well Eyes (CD)
Sonnet of the Sea Wishing Well Eyes (CD)
St. Paul's Letters One Step Closer (CD)
Stepping Stones Beauty Tips (CD)
Sweet Victory One Step Closer (CD)
The Boy Who Wouldn't Give In Beauty Tips (CD)
The Gift Beauty Tips (CD)
The Sandman Beauty Tips (CD)
Tin Heart One Step Closer (CD)
Wishing Well Eyes Wishing Well Eyes (CD)
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