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Songs by The Fairways
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A Song for Jenni Is Everything All Right? (CD)
Casino Lights This Is Farewell (CD)
Catch That Man This Is Farewell (CD)
Close to Me Is Everything All Right? (CD)
Darling Don't You Is Everything All Right? (CD)
Darling, Don't You Think? Darling, Don't You Think? (7")
Don't Call Me Dear This Is Farewell (CD)
Emily This Is Farewell (CD)
Fine Day Permanent Vacation (CD5 comp. )
Fine Day This Is Farewell (CD)
Get It Right Is Everything All Right? (CD)
Goodbye California This Is Farewell (CD)
KLM Line Is Everything All Right? (CD)
KLM Line You Make Me Smile (CD comp. )
Let's Go Is Everything All Right? (CD)
Little White Lies This Is Farewell (CD)
Nowhere To Go Darling, Don't You Think? (7")
Nowhere To Go This Is Farewell (CD)
Phthalo Blue Is Everything All Right? (CD)
Postcard Picture Is Everything All Right? (CD)
Quarter to Seven Is Everything All Right? (CD)
Secretive Girl Is Everything All Right? (CD)
Starstruck This Is Farewell (CD)
Sunday, Lovely Sunday Matinée 50 (CD comp. )
The Back Of Her Hand This Is Farewell (CD)
The Rain Fell Down The Fairways / The Aislers Set (7" comp. )
The Rain Fell Down This Is Farewell (CD)
This Is Farewell Darling, Don't You Think? (7")
This Is Farewell This Is Farewell (CD)
Winter Song Permanent Vacation (CD5 comp. )
Winter Song This Is Farewell (CD)
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