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Songs by Emily
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All I Ask A Retrospective (LP2+CD2)
All That Mattered A Retrospective (LP2+CD2)
Anytime A Retrospective (LP2+CD2)
Ben Hur A Retrospective (LP2+CD2)
Blue A Retrospective (LP2+CD2)
Blue Everlasting - A Tape Compilation (K7 comp. )
Boxing Day Blues A Retrospective (LP2+CD2)
Duet A Retrospective (LP2+CD2)
I Need You A Retrospective (LP2+CD2)
Merri-Go-Round A Retrospective (LP2+CD2)
Merri-Go-Round The Sound Of Leamington Spa Vol.6 (CD comp. )
Merri-Go-Round (Acoustic) A Retrospective (LP2+CD2)
Never Try A Retrospective (LP2+CD2)
New One A Retrospective (LP2+CD2)
Pure As Winter A Retrospective (LP2+CD2)
Purist A Retrospective (LP2+CD2)
Purist Corrupt Postman (K7 comp. )
Rachel A Retrospective (LP2+CD2)
Rachel (Acoustic) A Retrospective (LP2+CD2)
Reach A Retrospective (LP2+CD2)
Really Madd Dogs Somethings Burning In Paradise (K7 comp. )
Reflect On Rye Doing It For The Kids (LP+CD comp. )
Stonker A Retrospective (LP2+CD2)
Stumble A Retrospective (LP2+CD2)
Summer Song A Retrospective (LP2+CD2)
The Musty Room A Retrospective (LP2+CD2)
The Old Stone Bridge Sha-La-La Flexi 7 (FLX comp. )
The Old Stone Bridge (Demo) A Retrospective (LP2+CD2)
Thirty Seconds A Retrospective (LP2+CD2)
Untitled A Retrospective (LP2+CD2)
Waiting For A Letter A Retrospective (LP2+CD2)
You Don't Say You Need That A Retrospective (LP2+CD2)
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